Authentic Basque Txoko Dinner

Txoko in Basque language means nook or cozy corner. They are private kitchens with dining areas typically owned and managed by a group of members. Some of the oldest txokos date back to the 1800’s
Basque gastronomic society
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Kepa Freire is the president of the Makila Cofradia and a local legend when it comes to gastronomy in Bizkaia. He has traveled all over the world from the far corners of Eastern Europe to Cuba. As a young chef he was invited to New York by the James Beard foundation but preferred the lush green landscape of the Basque Country. He is the owner of Keia, a gourmet food company that makes the finest in smoked salmon, duck magret, foie and tuna

What makes txokos special? The txoko is a pillar of local culture, a casual meal, and a place for friends, families and neighbors to come together to enjoy good food and camaraderie. Meals are epic gastronomic and social events with generous portions and fresh ingredients. It is a uniquely Basque experience, most txokos are members only, requiring an invitation and making it difficult for many visitors to experience. To open up this unique aspect of Basque Culture to a broader audience we have partnered up with local chefs and txoko members to organize dinners for visitors. 

What is included? Txoko and local chef, three-course menu, wine, water, refreshments and English speaking guide. 

Keep in mind a txoko is not a full service restaurant, we provide a casual environment, no fancy table cloths, no table service, no Michelin stars, we want you to get the authentic feel for a txoko and taste some home cooked dishes made from the freshest local ingredients. A txoko is a shared space so please be respectful.

Txoko dinners are subject to availability and recommended for groups of 4 or more. Please get in touch in advance to book a dinner.

*Please let us know if you have any allergies or special requests, we will do our best to accommodate.

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Details & Reservation

Group Size Recommended: 8-20 People
Included: Bilingual Local guide

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