A family with a history in wine

In the late 19th century family patriarch Pedro began to make wine from a small vineyard he had in La Rioja. Over 100 years ago conditions for grape growers were difficult, with less technology and innovations available, making and selling wine was hard backbreaking work. This is the foundation of hard work and dedication that his son Santiago inherited.
Rioja Landscape

Vivanco Familia 

 From left to right, Santiago, Pedro and Rafael.

Santiago continued to run the small family business and dedicated much of his success to his wife Felisa, who shared a spirit and a passion to do things well. Felisa eventually encouraged her son Pedro to study winemaking and take up the family profession. Her belief in wine took root in her son and in her grandchildren who have dedicated their entire lives to the wine business.

Felisa’s son Pedro began his life in wine pedaling on his bicycle to deliver wine to nearby villages when he was 14. As he grew older he traveled further to other provinces and grew a passion and love for wine, and travel that became apparent in his many travels.

Pedro began to collect all kinds of objects related to wine. Out of respect. Out of pure devotion and enthusiasm. As the business grew, the family bought more vineyards, bottling wine, and then ageing it in barrels. But a successful winery was not enough, for Pedro and for his sons, they felt a need to give back to the wine culture which had shaped their families livelihood for four generations.

As a result, the extensive historical collection of Pedro was grown into one of the finest collections of historical wine artifacts in the world, a museum, a winery, a restaurant and a family business that lets visitors experience wine, by learning, tasting, and understanding its history and importance through out the ages. Spend a day retracing the steps of this warm family and share in their love of wine.

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Where: Rioja
Experiences: Wine museum visit, self-guided or with guide
Bodegas visit and two tastings
Intro wine tasting class
Wine tastings with a selection of the winery’s wines
Wine and Chocolate tasting experience
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