The Team

Travel Basque Country is all about global meets local, we've gathered a network of people who are passionate about travel, food, culture and tradition. Explore the Basque Region by selecting from cities, routes, museums, festivals or go straight to Meet the Locals to book experiences with our collaborators.

Our team researches everything first hand and meets in person with small businesses to constantly improve our offering.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We offer personalized service to help you plan custom trips for groups. From family trips, VIP travel and team building we're here to make sure your travel experience is memorable, fun, educational and authentic. We can work within your budget to create a trip that reflects your travel preferences and saves you time, while ensuring an unforgettable trip. Get in touch with us or one of our local ambassadors for a customized itinerary.


Javier Salazar, Founder & Bilbaino

Javier is responsible for bringing everything and everyone together to make Travel Basque Country work. Having spent several years working for the Westin Hotel in San Francisco, he understands the importance of customer service and the true value of the professionals behind the scenes who make everything possible. He is originally from Bilbao and takes pride in sharing his homeland with others.

Margaret Carpo, Co-Founder & Travel Ninja

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Margaret grew up between between the Philippines and California. She now lives in Bilbao and works as a communications consultant and co-founder of Travel Basque Country. Her uncle Jose Olasolo was a Basque pelotari player in the Philippines who played a decisive role when Margaret was deciding where in Spain to study abroad during her college years. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in International Relations and speaks fluent English and Spanish. When not in the office she is running, hiking or eating her way through Spain reminded constantly of her Filipino roots in every delicious bite.

Angelina, Jet Setter & North America Ambassador

An avid world traveler, Angelina has climbed to the top of Machu Picchu, gone swimming in the Seychelles and traveled all over North America, Asia and Europe. Based in San Francisco, she has visited the Basque Country over half a dozen times and can help to plan you an unforgettable trip. She speaks English, Filipino and a mix of some Portuguese and Spanish. Contact her now to start planning your Basque adventure!

Franchesca, Super Tri-athlete Mom & Asia Ambassador

Mother and tri-athlete, "Chesca" has competed in numerous triathalons and marathons all over the world from the Philippines, Hawaii, New York, Sacramento and more. She loves to run, bike, swim and eat. Based in the Philippines she is a meticulous travel planner and can help to plan your group trip from any country in Asia. She speaks English and Filipino. She is a graduate of University of the Philippines with a B.S. Architecture.

What is Travel Basque Country?

Travel Basque Country helps you plan and book unforgettable experiences in the Basque Region. We believe the best way to experience a culture is by meeting with locals, which is why our goal is to connect travelers with people who are passionate about what they do and love their homeland. We are small and independent, and we like it that way.