Discover the Basque Country

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The Basque Country, once referred to as Zazpiak Bat, means “the seven are one” in Basque language. It is a reference to the seven original provinces where the Basque people originated: Alava, Gipuzcoa, Vizcaya and Navarra in Northern Spain; and Lapurdi, Zuberoa and Nafarroa Beherea in France. With around 3 million inhabitants, this small corner of the world is home to spectacular natural beauty, amazing culinary tradition and a wonderful people with a unique history.                                                                   

When to Visit?

The Basque Country has a mild climate and temperature, and while we are often visited by clouds or rain, the ocean breeze and clean air make it an ideal destination for many months of the year from early Spring to late Fall (May to October).

What to Do?

Strongly influenced by the sea, the region composes an attractive mixture of historical cities, abundant green landscapes, rocky mountains and over 253 kilometers of rugged coastline that offer breathtaking views, traditional fishing villages, picturesque beaches and coastal vistas.  Amid all this, visitors have a wide selection of activities from hiking and swimming to cycling, surfing, kayaking and sightseeing to choose from.

And then there is the cuisine, home to heavy weight culinary influences from some of the top restaurants in the world including Arzak, Aduriz, Berasetegui and Subijana, the Basque Country is a food lovers destination. From rustic farmhouses to Michelin star establishments, visitors can choose from bars laden with pintxos, a great wine region, fresh local seafood and locally grown produce. Basque gastronomy is a symbol of national pride, and the region is home to some of the best food on the planet. The quality of the ingredients combined with the care, commitment and respect given to each dish is deeply rooted in the culture. Food, social gatherings and the hearty nature of the residents make the Basque Country a premier destination for travelers, families and friends looking for the simple pleasures in life, surrounded by natural beauty, an amazing meal and good companionship.