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Rica T (Orlando, USA)

Rica T (Orlando, USA) -

“Couldn´t have asked for a better way to celebrate my dad´s 80th birthday! Thank you Margaret, Javier, Jamie and Nuria. What a unforgettable experience!! ...”

Tracey Moison, (Los altos, CA)

Tracey Moison, (Los altos, CA) -

“I would greatly recommend your travel service for new and returning visitors to the Basque Country! You two have developed relationships with the owners of the finest restaurants and hotels all over the coast. You two are at your best when you can customize a trip to enhance the experience for your clients. I hope to share turbo and jamon iberico with you very soon! Cheers!”

 Bethany Porter (California, USA)

Bethany Porter (California, USA) -

“The time I spent with Margaret and Javi was nothing short of amazing! My family and I went to the Basque Country in hopes of finding some family members. The trip ended up being like an investigation where we eventually found cousins and the actual house in which my great grandfather had lived. Margaret and Javi went above and beyond for my family along with being so kind and patient. I will forever cherish this experience that these two made possible...”

Enrique (Manila, Philippines)

Enrique (Manila, Philippines) -

“Javier and Margaret. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for taking care of us all. I really appreciate all the atention you guys took into consideration. From "Javi cab" to the amazing dinners and everything in between. I will remember this trip forever. Thank you for making this amazing and perfect...”

Bill & Jeannette Trankle, (California, USA)

Bill & Jeannette Trankle, (California, USA) -

“Having Margaret and Javi almost as our personal tour guides made our week spent in Bilbao and the surrounding Basque countryside one of the more relaxing, historically informative and gastronomically satisfying vacations we've had in quite some time. Their knowledge of the local flavor, back roads and hidden secret spots made us feel like locals and having Javi be able to relay a personal side to the history and culture of the Basque people was added plus. We would highly recommend their services to anybody who's a history buff, foodie, "locals only" or just someone who wants to be treated like family! ...”

Dennis V (Manila Philippines)

Dennis V (Manila Philippines) -

“Booking our family trip through Javi and Margaret made it totally stress-free. Loved the personalised service to walk us to the car rental at the airport, always being on call for all the schedule changes, bookings at the hard-to-get restaurants, the quick responses for all the little bits that crop up during a trip, and finally, for assisting with Tyrone's lengthened stay after we all left ...”

Michele (Sacramento, USA)

Michele (Sacramento, USA) -

“We have been home from our trip to the Basque country for a few days and I am still pinching myself that I really had that vacation. The trip that Margaret and Javier took us on was more than we could've dreamed of. The places, the food, the history, the company and the time and research they put into the planning was over the top. We will forever be grateful for all they did for us. From the bottom of our hearts thank you.. thank you... Hope so much to see you again.. Galo's Girls...By far the best vacation ever..”

Jose Luis M (Manila, Philippines)

Jose Luis M (Manila, Philippines) -

“There are not enough words to describe how special and wonderful this trip has been! Thanks to Javy, Margaret, Jamie and Nuria for the special care and attention to all our needs. AMAZING. Until the next time!...”

Kristen Vacketta, (California, USA)

Kristen Vacketta, (California, USA) -

“My experience in Basque Country was exceptional thanks to Javier and Margaret! The recommendations for dining and entertainment were great and they spent the time to tailor those recommendations to our specific trip and interests. We especially liked the frequent tips and facts we learned from Javier and Margaret about Bilbao, its history, and its culture. It felt like we got a "local" and well-rounded experience. I can't wait to go back again someday and I would absolutely recommend their services. Thanks, Javier and Margaret! ...”

Chris Dudley, (California, USA)

Chris Dudley, (California, USA) -

“Javier and Margaret are wonderful hosts showing us much of what the Basque Country has to offer! I only wish we could have stayed longer. For my first trip to Europe, they helped form positive, lasting memories full of a unique perspective and rich history of the old country. 10/10 would come visit again!...”

Andrew Prieto (Manila Philippines)

Andrew Prieto (Manila Philippines) -

“Bilbao is a must-see place to visit not just because my daughter just got married there but the place is so scenic and much greener than the rest of Spain. It also felt safer which meant you could take carefree walks all over town, to the museums, cathedrals and shops and of course to their restaurants and pintxo bars. We stayed at the Casco Vieja section which was very quaint and full of life. One of the highlights of my trip there was tasting the Curdled Foie Gras (with a reduction of red wine // Foie, apple and nougatina millefeuille) from Azurmendi restaurant. Thanks Margaret and Javi for a truly unforgetful experience! ...”

Rico Tan (Manila, Philippines)

Rico Tan (Manila, Philippines) -

“I was blown out of my mind with the Basque/Camino experience. I did not expect to have so munch emotions during this trip, all of which were beatuful. This trip goes into my care memories. Thank you very much for your time and special companionship...”

Pixie Oneill, (California, USA)

Pixie Oneill, (California, USA) -

“My whole experience in the Basque Country was fabulous, absolutely delicious grilled steaks from Etxebarri and not to forget the freshest grilled fish in Getaria, we were in food heaven, topped by excellent wines from Luis Canas and Marquez de Riscal ...”

Carmen D Padilla, (Manila, Philippines)

Carmen D Padilla, (Manila, Philippines) -

“Hi Margaret, Javier, Thank you for the efficient arrangement of our trip in Spain. We had a very good pilgrimage. I will refer you to people who are also interested. Patxi was a good driver. He was respectful and caring for us old folks. Hope to see you in Manila. Carmen”

Sharon Hodgkins, (Sheffield, UK)

Sharon Hodgkins, (Sheffield, UK) -

“I had a wonderful "foodie" afternoon with Margaret. I learned so much about Basque food and wine as well as finding out more about Bilbao too. We tried so many pintxos - some I would never have tried on my own but Margaret soon worked out my tastes and I also said I was happy to try everything! I have already followed some of Margaret's recommendations for eating out on my own. Brilliant! ...”

Lerany T (Manila, Philippines)

Lerany T (Manila, Philippines) -

“Travel Basque Country really did a good job with our Camino experience. Will not hesitate to recommended the company FELICIDADES!!!. Muchas gracias Javier, Margaret, Jamie and Nuria. Great, fun and experience. Our Camino was given individual attention and encouragement. Tank you!...”

Gennie Trimigliozzi, (Basel, Switzerland)

Gennie Trimigliozzi, (Basel, Switzerland) -

What more can I say about one of the best European trips I've had in 20+ years and I've been living in Europe! I've been raving about Bilbao to everyone. Pintxos to die for, great shopping, friendly, helpful people, the Guggenheim, the BEST steak I've ever devoured. Margaret and Javi were incredible guides and trip planners, can't wait to experience it all over again.

Debbie Landstrass, (Santa Clara, CA)

Debbie Landstrass, (Santa Clara, CA) -

“We had so much fun and were so well taken care of by our tour guides. Our sightseeing was so diverse and always included a fabulous meal. I will always look back fondly on the trip to Bilbao. I felt we got a good taste of the local living (including the fab jamon iberico)”

John Dodsworth, (Los Altos, CA)

John Dodsworth, (Los Altos, CA) -

"One of the most memorable days of our time in Spain was spent doing a La Rioja wine tour with Margaret & Javier Salazar. They picked us up right on time and took us to a combination of wineries we and they selected, all of whom were terrific. We had a wonderful lunch at a place that was small and intimate and hosted by the owner. All the while they entertained us with the history of the area and their personal story. Also hooked us up with a great cooking class in San Sebastian. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants an extra special experience."

Tita Mandi (Manila, Philippines)

Tita Mandi (Manila, Philippines) -

“To dear Margaret: Thanks so much for this wonderful family experience (for walking it possible) and To dear Javi: "my adopted son", Thanks so munch for taking extra effort in allowing me to do The Camino - my WAY...”

Jo Ann and John Cahill, (Orinda, California)

Jo Ann and John Cahill, (Orinda, California) -

“Spending the day with Margaret and Javier, who is Basque, was the highlight of our trip to La Rioja and Basqueland. They took us to places which made us feel like we were family...very special. Their knowledge of the area, the wines and the culture is superb. We recommend them in a heartbeat!”

Loni Hill, (Boise, Idaho)

Loni Hill, (Boise, Idaho) -

“Thank you again for a trip beyond my wildest dreams. I'm still trying to imagine just how we got so lucky as to have you and Margaret as our hosts for this incredible adventure. I'm already looking toward another visit, I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface both in discovering the Basque region and discovering our Basque family. Thanks once more for making it all possible.....Much love,Loni...”

 Mary Ann (Chicago, USA)

Mary Ann (Chicago, USA) -

“We just got our pictures from Spain developed today!! They’re wonderful -- we’ll spend many happy moments reliving everything and remembering what a great trip it was!! We absolutely loved our two days with Noemi – she is fantastic!! The hotel was great and the cooking class was such fun – I still have to laugh when I picture Don trying to dice an onion!! We tell all of our friends they have to see Basque Country – it’s just so incredibly beautiful!! Thank you very much for arranging everything as well as you did – you made it so easy for us and we saw things and did things we never could have done on our own!! ...”

 Rose T (New York, USA)

Rose T (New York, USA) -

“To my new found family in Spain...Thank you so much for not allowing me to jump in the van and believing that I can finish this journey!! Thank for taking such a good care of us!! This will be forever in my memory!!... ”

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