Terms of Use

Legal Notice

Digital Cake Lab, Koop. Elk. Txikia, here in after as "The Company" or TravelBasqueCountry reports that the entity meets the requirements of Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce and the Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Protection of Personal Data.

Users refers to customers of TravelBasqueCountry.com/es, bookings made by users are referred to as Reservations.

Service Providers refers to third-party business and providers who are featured on TravelBasqueCountry.com/es.

Data Use

The User is informed by these general conditions that the personal data marked as mandatory forms and are collected within the framework of the service described in these general conditions are necessary for the use of the service and are used only within the service box described above and used only. "THE COMPANY" and its protect within its means, the security of personal data.

The User authorizes "THE COMPANY" to provide certain information to their technical servers, so that the user can benefit from certain features of the website (forum, opinions, comments, etc.).

Users also authorizes "THE COMPANY" to use and / or lease this information within the context of partnerships, and that, as required by law, in particular to allow the User to benefit from information and personalized services.

Acceptance of the general conditions

"TravelBasqueCountry" offers an online search and tour booking experience to the user based on unconditional acceptance of these general conditions. Tourism experiences may only be purchased by adults (18 and up).

The User declares and acknowledges having read all the terms of use of these general conditions. Furthermore, the connection to any of the proposed Service Providers is available at the following address: www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, implies acceptance of these general terms by the user. "THE COMPANY" reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, the general conditions. Consequently it is the user who must regularly consult the latest published them in the direction at: www.en.travelbasquecountry.com/legal.aspx   By proceeding, you agree to accept the updated version of the general conditions in each new connection to the page web.

If the user fails to comply with these general conditions, "THE COMPANY" reserves the right to terminate without notice the customer's account and may deny access to the service.

Service Description

The website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, allows Users to search and book online travel experiences.

It also allows the User to benefit from promotions and specials offered by Service Providers of tourism experiences referenced in the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

The website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, allow Users to benefit from special offers and promotions if you book through the online booking procedure provided for in the web. Not all providers offer promotions and special offers. The conditions of validity of these promotions are specified on the website.

Content of tourist experiences, offerings and promotions

Travel Basque Country is a travel experience curation site. We gather information from local providers that include accredited businesses, tour operators and professional guides. We have created content and a website to facilitate travel planning. When booking an experience on our site we facilitate contact information for local businesses that are responsible for your booking. Unless otherwise indicated, Travel Basque Country is not a tour provider and we assume no liability for reservations, bookings, cancellations or refunds. Although we make every effort to carefully edit, verify and update the accuracy of information published on this website we assume no liability over information that may be inaccurate or contain typographical errors.

The content and validity of tourist experiences, their offers and promotions are limited individually according to the specific experience associated with it. In this sense, every experience included in the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, will detail content and specific conditions of services or products offered by Service Providers of the experience and which will be accessed by a booking number. Specifically the offer will contain detailed information about the activity, validity period, location, place of enjoyment, requirements, restrictions, limitations or warnings technical, physical or legal about the product or service, all information that is to be the character of particular conditions and that must be expressly accepted at the time of acquisition.

The descriptions of the products or services offered match the information provided by the Service Provider. Photographs or videos relating to the products and services, trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any kind contained in each of the offers are based on real products or services offered by the interested Service Provider to give truthful and accurate information about the product or service and its features. Nevertheless, such content and information is only information, and in any case, is not absolute.

Once the reservation number is expired without having exchanged for the product or service, it will lose its validity. After expiration it is no longer possible to exercise the right of withdrawal indicated below or to exchange for the product or service for a refund.

The reservation number is transferable free of charge, provided the person holding the reservation is properly accredited and the service is not resold for commercial use, except those reservations and offers expressly stated as non-transferable. No Reproduction, editing or manipulation of reservations is allowed.

In case of suspicion of illegal copying, the Company reserves the right to transfer the archived data to interested and initiate respective legal procedures deemed appropriate.

Each reservation acquired may be used only once, unless otherwise stated in the specific offer. In the event that the reservation is not completely consumed by value and not made use of the full benefit associated with it, it will not be possible to reimburse unconsumed portion.

Personalized services associated

Creating a personal account on the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es,allows Users to make reservations without repeating your personal data on each new booking. Within the framework of trade agreements stipulated by the Company, the User can take advantage of offers and promotions.


Correspondence is made with the User to verify all information is valid before proceeding to make a reservation with any of the existing services on the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

As a search service, "THE COMPANY" is not legally bound to guarantee the products, services or business practices present in the website. "THE COMPANY" does not guarantee that the user is satisfied with third party products, practices or services obtained from the booking through the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

Service gratuity and payment procedures

Under these conditions the use of the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es  is free for Users.

Eventually charges may apply depending on the evolution of the proposed services, the evolution of the network, the technical or legal requirements. The User will be informed of any changes to these conditions through the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

In either case, the User agrees that the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es  is offering a booking service for tourist experiences. The user accepts that the service and tourism experiences offered by Service Providers must be paid.

"THE COMPANY" contains information about the prices and the price range offered by Service Providers for tourism experiences. This information is for informational purposes only. Final prices may be subject to agreement between users and partners. THE COMPANY is not responsible for final negotiation changes between service providers and users.

Moreover, the web www.travelbasquecountry.com/esmay contain links to other third party websites, which are operated by independent companies not related to "THE COMPANY". It may be that a third party claims the user a payment for the use of their services on their website. It is for the User to make the appropriate checks to see if these services are paid before continuing the transaction with a third party. In any case "THE COMPANY" may be associated with services provided by third parties and / or third party websites concerned.

Payment procedure for booking experience

Once confirmed Registered User has acquired a services or tourism experience, the User should settle the amount indicated. Payment can only be made by bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard, not admitting no other cards or other means of payment. Registered User is required to provide a card number, expiration date and a secure verification code that will be in the front or back of the credit card, as well as the holder's name and address for the purpose of verifying the data the cardholder with the bank.

The payment will be charged to the account of the Registered User at the time of acquiring the experience or within thirty (30) days from that time. The card with which payment is made shall correspond to be associated with issuing financial institution that is a bank or savings. During checkout, through service or PayPal account, the Registered User will be redirected to PayPal's official website to introduce the method of payment and data necessary for effectiveness.

In either case, for each acquisition, the Registered User shall provide the requested information to be processed by "secure online payment". "THE COMPANY" warrants to the Registered User does not keep confidential information concerning the means of payment recorded once confirmed and finalized the acquisition process. The banks with which "THE COMPANY" has signed agreements for the provision of payment services, are the only ones that can access these data for the management of payments and collections. When payment is made, the Registered User interface is aimed at secure (https) of the bank that is given the card details and validates the operation so not accessible to third parties.

In order for "THE COMPANY" to carry out the necessary arrangements, the Registered User will notify to "THE COMPANY" as soon as possible, any improper or fraudulent charge on the credit card used for the purchase of Experience. Such notice may be performed at the email or by calling the telephone number indicated for that purpose "THE COMPANY".

"THE COMPANY" is not responsible for the service and / or delivery of the product associated with the reservation, "THE COMPANY" cannot issue invoices to registered users. In those cases in which the Registered User wants to get a bill for the goods and / or services associated with the Experience, the Registered User must request this directly from Service Providers at the time reservation.

Reservations, changes and cancellations

Reservations are not final until they are confirmed by the service provider. The service provider is required to respond in three business days from the date of the request. If a confirmation is not received within 72 hours, the reservation will be cancelled.

Once a reservation has been confirmed, your will be charged for the service. You must contact your service provider for any changes. Any changes, modifications or cancellations are subject to the discretion of the service providers. While we have developed preferred relationships with service providers we cannot always guarantee availability of your experience or service. Travel Basque Country is not responsible for providing services, modifications or cancellations of services.

Civil liability in case of accidents, cancellation or

Travel Basque Country is a travel experience curation website that offers recommendations and connect travelers with local vendors. Travel Basque Country is not responsible for the services provided. Service providers are solely responsible for honoring any confirmed bookings. Service providers are responsible for maintaining up to date licenses, insurance, filing taxes and respecting any legal obligations to carry out the services provided.

Travel Basque Country shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising directly or indirectly out of a cancellation or abandonment of, or delay to, any trip or experience, however caused.

Travel Basque Country will not be liable for the sickness of, injury to, or death of, any traveller, or the loss of, or damage to, any personal effects, whether caused by Travel Basque Country’s negligence or otherwise. There is no travel insurance included in our fees and Travel Basque Country recommends that you obtain personal travel insurance to cover any sickness, injury, or loss that may occur while you are travelling.

You agree to indemnify Travel Basque Country against any loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred by Travel Basque Country, its officers, employees, agents or related companies as a result of any claim by any third party whose claim arises from your service, your acts or omissions while travelling on any Travel Basque Country vendor experience or service.

We reserve the right to update and the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time without further notice.

All rights, obligations, orders and agreements that fall under these General Terms and Conditions, are applicable under Spanish Law and Jurisdiction.

Account Opening - ID - Exchange of information

When creating an account, Users are given a name and a password (hereafter IDs) that allows access to a private account.

Notice of the identifiers

The identifiers are personal and confidential. They can only be changed upon request of the user or on the initiative of "THE COMPANY".

The User is solely responsible for the use of their identifiers and agrees to keep secret and not to disclose them in any way.

In case of loss or ID´s theft, the User is responsible for the loss and must be used in the shortest time possible, the procedure made ​​available at the address http://www.trip.travelbasquecountry.com/passwordrecovery.

Agree on the test

The parties expressly agree that:

- The presence of a valid identification code identifies the author of a document or message and establishes the authenticity of the document or message.
- An electronic document that contains an identification code is equivalent to a letter signed by the issuer.
- The parties may use the paper printout of an electronic message to verify the changes contained in the general conditions.

Information exchange:

The User accepts the use of electronic mail for the transmission of information is necessary for the conclusion or execution of a contract.

The User agrees not to:

Forward any kind of publicity and communications, for sale or other commercial to "THE COMPANY", or a plurality of users of the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, without any prior request or consent.

Send any other unsolicited messages, or previously consented to a plurality of users of the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

Send chains unsolicited email, nor previously consented to other website users of www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

Use distribution lists which can be accessed through the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es or Services or channels for conducting the activities referred to in paragraphs 1 to 3 above.

Make available to third parties for any purpose, data captured from mailing lists. Users affected by the reception of unsolicited messages addressed to a number of people may notify "THE COMPANY" by sending an e-mail to contact@travelbasquecountry.com

Obtain or even attempt to obtain, information and any other material provided through the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es or Services or Channels for it using for procedures other than those made available to it.

Make an incorrect use of web content www.travelbasquecountry.com/es using them for purposes other than intended, reproducing, modifying or transforming.

In the event that a user will perform any of the above activities they will be removed immediately from the Services and Channels in which were signed, reserving "THE COMPANY" the right to take any legal action deemed appropriate.

Prohibition to resell the Service

The User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any section of the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es

Subscription cancellation

To cancel the subscription, the User has to expressly indicate it in the page established for this purpose. The drop will be effective no later than one week from the date the request is received.

Right of rectification and opposition

The User may exercise, on the other hand, the right to access and rectify the personal data by sending a message to the following email address: contact@travelbasquecountry.com

Third parties can exercise its right to opposition by sending a message to that effect to the following email address: contact@travelbasquecountry.com

Use of the website

"THE COMPANY" declines all responsibility for any damage or loss related to the use or inability to use the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es or its contents, unless otherwise provided by law.

"THE COMPANY" does not guarantee by any means that the information present is detailed, complete, truthful and accurate. Documents, reports, fact sheets, and generally, all content contained in the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, are correct, without any warranty of any kind.

The User expressly acknowledges that the photos present on page www.travelbasquecountry.com/es are not contractual.

The User accepts and recognizes that the reservation is not guaranteed. In that sense "THE COMPANY" does not guarantee the effectiveness of the booking service. Availability is verified through computer media and a booking is made via electronic means. "THE COMPANY" cannot verify the accuracy of material information collected and / or offered by the Service Providers, the User accepts that "THE COMPANY" has no obligation if the user fails to receive benefits of service. Electronic reservations depend in part on the information provided and registered by the Service Provider and may not correspond with reality. The User acknowledges and agrees that "THE COMPANY" has no responsibility in the event of cancellation of the booking, if the service is closed or in the case that service is refused.

For the same reasons, the user agrees that "THE COMPANY" is not responsible in the event that the User cannot take advantage of promotions and special offers proposed by the service provider. You acknowledge and agree that "THE COMPANY" shall not be liable in any way if the service provider fails to comply with a reservation, promotion or special offer that is the case.


"THE COMPANY" takes no responsibility for external links, if any, could be included on the website, so that the User accesses under their own responsibility and in the conditions of use that prevail in such web.

User Obligations

Accept without restriction these general conditions

By opening an account, you agree, expressly and without exception, the terms of these general conditions and eventually special conditions present in the Web.

Communicate accurate information, honest and truthful

The User is required to convey accurate and truthful information about, surname, name, email address, phone, and necessary for good identification when opening an account.

Check the conditions of validity of promotions and special offers

The User is required to check the conditions of validity of any promotion before booking on the portal and cannot under any circumstances claim to "THE COMPANY" the promotion validity outside the conditions are specified on the web.

Register User right to cancel

The Registered User may desist from the purchase of the Reservation as long as such cancelation occurs within two (2) working days from the date on which it received (via email) the confirmation of the purchase. To exercise this right, the User must go to "THE COMPANY" in writing (to the address or email contact specified in these Conditions) or by phone toll customer also indicated.

Once the application is received and processed the cancellation, "THE COMPANY" will proceed to reimburse the amounts paid by the Registered User and be with the documentary confirmation of the reimbursement, and the acceptance of the request for cancelation.

Despite the above, the Registered User can not desist from acquiring a reservation at any of the following circumstances:

If the interested party has complied with any of the benefits associated with the booking.

In the case of products to be delivered by the interested they are clearly personalized or which, by their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.

If the reservation has expired

Cancellation or drop out as a Registered User, doses not invalidate the reservation. The reservation will be valid until expiration day. If a user is more than 15 minutes late for an activity, the partner has no obligation to wait further for the user and any cancellation, reschedule or refund is at the discretion of the Service Provider terms and conditions.

Penalties for contractual breaches

Suspension or termination of the service or services

In case the user does not comply or respect, obligations and covenants under these general conditions, "THE COMPANY" may modify, suspend, limit or remove access to the service, the User cannot claim any compensation.


"THE COMPANY" is also in entitled to claim for compensation, to compensate for the damage caused.

Other Provisions

Applicable Law

This Legal Notice is based on Spanish law. In case of any conflict or discrepancy the applicable jurisdiction will be the courts of Bilbao (Vizcaya).

No Waiver

Unless there is stipulation contrary to these general conditions, no tolerance, inaction, abstention, omission, or any delay "THE COMPANY" change any of the above general conditional, it does not imply a waiver of this agreement. Rather, this agreement remains in full force.

Notification and delay of illegal content

"THE COMPANY" informs all web users of www.travelbasquecountry.com/es that they can make a claim or objection regarding the contents or elements of the Web.

If the User considers that certain elements or contents of the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es, contradict copyright helds by the user. The User should immediately notify "THE COMPANY" by mail all the information needed to prove ownership of those rights. Once proven the proper verification of the accuracy of the notice, "THE COMPANY" will take all steps needed in order to remove illegal content. Being clear that the responsibility of "THE COMPANY" cannot be compromised by the contents in the website www.travelbasquecountry.com/es and modifiable by third parties (example, tourism experiences, forums, ads ...).

"THE COMPANY" does not assume any warranty for the products or services to which the provider agrees. It is the Service Provider legally obliged to comply. "THE COMPANY" is not to User or any third party against Service Provider breach of contract. The Service Provider is required to comply with their obligations when delivering services associated with the reservation.

Any claim arising out of compliance with the delivery by the Service Provider shall be addressed directly to the latter. Without prejudice to the above, and in a case were problems have arisen between Users of a Reservation and Service Providers to meet service or performance, and to better improve services, please these matters to the attention of TravelBasqueCountry.