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  • Alt img Why the Basque Country? The Basque Country is a unique travel destination, here you will find amazing gastronomy, modern architecture, charming seaside villages, picturesque landscapes, rich history, cultures and traditions...
  • Alt img 2 Our Story At Travel Basque Country we wanted to capture the essence of local travel. We've brought together everything you need to plan your trip from unique itineraries to hand-selected experiences and much more...
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Authentic Basque Txoko Experience

Txoko in Basque language means nook or cozy corner. They are private kitchens with dining areas typically owned and managed by a group of members. Some of the oldest historic txokos in the Basque Country date back to the 1800’s

San Sebastian Pintxo Tour & Cooking Class

Enjoy a walking tour of the historic Casco Viejo and a visit to some of the best pintxos bars in town. Then learn how to make your own pintxos!

Bilbao Aste Nagusia Cook-Off!

Take part in the largest cooking contest in the Basque Country. Learn how to make local dishes, get tips from the pros and enjoy the one of a kind ambience. Recommended for groups

Mutriku Whaling History Tour & Txoko Lunch

A fascinating journey into the history of Mutriku from the middle ages to present day. The tour focuses on a very unique aspect of Mutriku – the whaling industry. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy a visit to a local txoko for a light lunch

Seafood Lover’s: Authentic Fish Auction and Port Tour

Ever wonder how that anchovy got to your pizza? The canning industry of Northern Spain produces some of the finest seafood including anchovies, canned sardines & bonito del norte. Visit the historic town of Ondarroa and learn how the local canning industry works, from witnessing a fish auction to learning how fish is processed

Visit a Local Market and Basque Txoko – Cooking Experience

The Mercado de la Ribera is the largest covered market in Western Europe. We will take you on a tour of the market and rent out a local Basque Txoko to prepare some freshly prepared local dishes

Bilbao Art Experience: Private Art Gallery & Lunch

Meet local etching artist Marta and visit her gallery workshop to learn about the traditional method of creating metal prints. There are only five workshops in Spain that are specialized in etchings making this a unique and personalized experience for those with an interest in art

Made-to-Order Traditional Basque Cazuela

Slow-cooked, deliberate, patient, traditional and delicious. These are some of the words that describe a Basque Sukalki or stew. Pre-order a traditional stew for pick up or let us find a txoko for you to dine in

Best of the Basque Country Hike and Lunch

Spend a day exploring the local forests and majestic natural parks of the Basque Country followed by an epic meal in a traditional restaurant or caserio where you will enjoy a slow-cooked meal

Urdaibai Estuary Boat Tour

An exclusive and unique tour into the heart of the Urdaibai estuary and the Biosphere Reserve of Bizkaia
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